Familia bistro

The history of displaced families from Vilnius is also a part of my life history. Families from both my sides comes form Vilnius. The Family of my Father was displaced from Vilnius but my mothers Family lives there till today.

The streets of the Old Town is the area where I grew up, I jumped over fences and I was playing hide and seek. I was walking for a walks with my Grandmother and Grandfather. I know very well the narrow and hidden streets of Vilnius Old Town. I remember also my Grandmother’s kitchen smelled with the scents of fine cuisine of Vilnius. Till today i recall it as the best cuisine in the world. Every time I prepare dishes form Vilnius I see years of my childhood.

I would like to share with you with that magnificent experience of Vilnius’s cuisine form homes of my Grandfathers and Grand Grandfathers. That is why ‘Familia bistro’ is with us in Gdańsk.

Adam Mroziński

familia bistro